The Team Ministry

"Team Minister" is our name for a national (or "native") minister or missionary overseas who is sponsored by partners in the U.S.

We find that "Native" ministers can be tremendously effective missionaries in reaching their own people because they do not experience the cultural or language barriers that an outsider experiences. However, many lack the financial support to preach the gospel full-time. We know there are committed Christians in the U.S. who are looking for effective ways to give to God's work. These two groups can work together in an exciting partnership for extending God's Kingdom!

Team Ministers usually receive a total of $100 to $150 per month from Slioam Ministries. We suggest $50 per month per individual sponsor though the amount may be more or less as God leads.

Our Team Ministers are currently working in Togo, Uganda, Benin, Chad, Cameroon, and Central African Republic. They pastor or oversee 38 churches and have two mission training centers which train students to take the gospel to many hard-to reach groups. They share the gospel through crusades, one-on-one witnessing, and helping the people with schools, health clinics and agricultural projects. In our newsletters we give regular updates on their continuing work. At the bottom of this page is our Email link. You can let us know you would like to receive these newsletters and learn more about our work by Emailing us.

Anatole Banga and Jean Paulin Babingui are dynamic evangelists who have led thousands of people to the Lord. Anatole has started 7 churches in the Bangui area and is Siloam Ministries" Regional Director for Central and West Africa. Jean Paulin oversees 33 churches and 4 cells. Both men make periodic trips to work with the Pygmies, a least reached people group. Several of their workers are ministering full-time in the Pygmy encampments.
There has been great turmoil in Central Africa Republic since March 2013, when a coalition called "Seleka" took over. Thousands of civilians have been murdered. The people have also suffered looting, rape, fire, and every other kind of atrocity. Erick Malissio lost all his propperty and equipment in Damora and has moved to Bangui. He is still leading "cousins" to the Lord but must work underground. Anatole and Jean Paulin are making trips throughout the country to bring encouragement and some measure of relief part of which has been financed by gifts given through Siloam Ministries.

Our Intercessors in Kampala, Uganda take God at His word. Before we knew them, they prayed into existence a church that now numbers over 2,000 and has started 65 other churches. We have seen God use their prayers to stop potential bombings, avert accidents, and bring many thousands into His kingdom. Michael Kyazze and Ronald Senkubuge were already ministering to the orphans through Lake Victoria Islands Child Care-Uganda (LAVICCARE). Siloam Ministries began supporting Michael and Ronald as Team Ministers to help them carry on this work. The amount of orphans still needing help is more than we can handle. We have asked prayer that other organizations will become involved.

Soule Mayatchi, and Assibi Tchagnao and their co-workers have led many to the Lord. One older lady was told she would need surgery on her hand. As Assibi prayed, God healed the hand, and the lady received Jesus as her Saviour!