This morning an old friend dropped by who we had not seen in 35 years. He had seen the fire that took place at the old Prince of Peace Church building. While many have lamented the loss caused by the fire, he was rekindled to seek out this web site and research what has happened since he was involved.

Sometimes it takes fire to awaken us to God's plan for our lives. When we think back to 1970 we were seeing a different kind of fire. It was a fire of the Holy Spirit awakening a generation to the call of the Kingdom of God. What occurred then was not a revival. It was an awakening. Many in that generation had little church background and were awakened out of drugs, alcohol, and hedonism to a realization that Jesus had died for them. We began to understand that we had been saved in order to fulfill a destiny prepared in advance by our Creator. The purpose of our journey could only be found in the Kingdom of God.

Are you ready for what is coming in the earth? Let Jesus awaken you.

Here are more pictures of the fire below.
Click HERE for recent pictures of the building before the fire.
It had become a bookstore and had been remodeled.
There are other pictures from the Coffeehouse Days on the Photo Album link
on the side bar of the Prince of Peace Website.

< Click on the link below for pictures of the building before the fire.

Before the Fire

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